Litigation Support

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Protek assists law firms and corporate counsel with litigation support and expert witness services that include:

  • Digital evidence evaluation and presentation
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Electronic discovery
  • Computer Forensics
  • Responding to and managing requests to inspect
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Financial asset tracking

Protek stands ready to work beside litigators in all phases of litigation. From pre-filing investigation and case assessment, to e-discovery and financial asset tracking. We work hand-in-hand with attorneys to strengthen the client’s case, while aggressively probing for weaknesses in the opposition’s.

Both law firms and in-house corporate counsel rely on Protek to develop and leverage the strengths of their cases while anticipating and minimizing vulnerabilities across the life of the case.

Protek’s grasp of the “big picture” delivers added value to our clients. Our experienced litigators, investigators and computer forensic specialists have the expertise and background to work closely with law firms or in-house counsel.

Whether facing a regulatory or criminal inquiry, seeking a civil/criminal remedy, requiring a liaison with law enforcement or defending against a civil action, Protek can deliver expert testimony and provide critical analysis and insight at every stage of the process.


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