Computer Forensics

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Protek knows how to quickly locate, recover, preserve, and analyze data to maximize investigative and evidentiary value. Computer forensics is a core competency we
leverage for clients with needs related to:

  • Trade secrets
  • White collar crime
  • Internal fraud
  • Intellectual property
  • Questioned document inquiries
  • On-line fraud
  • Computer crimes
  • Electronic discovery
  • Employee misconduct
  • Data recovery

Electronic evidence is at once both fluid and difficult to completely destroy. Routine business processes and deliberate attempts to examine electronic files jeopardize the integrity of electronic evidence every day, making it imperative to locate, recover and reserve the data as quickly as possible.

What’s more, the incredible volume of electronic data means that even when electronic content is preserved, finding what you’re looking for can seem an impossible task.

This problem is magnified by the reality that in today’s electronically-interconnected world, your data can reside on servers, desktops, laptops, portable handhelds, digital media or any of a dozen other devices.

That’s why you need Protek International’s Computer Forensics experts on your side. Through years of experience in high-stakes computer forensics investigations, Protek’s experts know where to find critical electronic evidence, how to obtain it and how to analyze it — so you have the evidence you need.


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