Advisory Services

Protek provides special advisory services that provide its clients with effective and efficient guidance and services to assist them in navigating the challenges of today's digital world.

Protek's Advisory Services division will assess your operations and environment and work with you to design and implement policies and procedures that embrace technology while minimizing risks and safeguarding your enterprise's assets. Our experts will provide you with a plan to minimize the risk of an incident, equip you with defensible policies and practices, and arm you to pursue transgressors at your discretion. Lean on our experience so that you can focus on leveraging yours.

When to Call Protek

Call Protek if you need to assess and respond to a potential incident or to assess and tighten operations before an incident occurs. Areas of specialization include:

  • Information & Intellectual Property protection policy and procedures
  • Incident assessment and response guidance
  • Liaison and interaction with law enforcement and governmental agencies
  • Training and awareness programs
  • Due diligence and background investigations
  • Security and Computer Forensics best practices implementation

To learn how our Advisory Services can help your organization send an email requesting a free quote to

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