Daniel Bellich, Principal

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Protek co-founder Daniel Bellich offers clients over 31 years of management, operational and investigative experience in both government and business. He is a 27 year FBI veteran whose career was devoted to investigating criminal matters.

Mr. Bellich compiled a distinguished record of leadership with the FBI culminating as the supervisor of the Special Operations Group charged with providing covert support for major operations of the FBI’s Chicago Division. Mr. Bellich received his appointment with the FBI in 1977. He was assigned to white-collar, organized crime and surveillance matters in the Kansas City Division. He was reassigned in 1980 to the Chicago Division which is the bureau’s 4th largest field office.

As an agent assigned to the Chicago Division, Mr. Bellich developed expertise in a broad variety of complex white collar crime, organized crime, violent crime and international drug trafficking cases. He served as the case agent of a multi-national Asian heroin case resulting in what was the largest seizure of heroin in U.S. history and subsequently documented in the book Whitmare, authored by his co-partner Geoffrey Doyle.

In 1992, Mr. Bellich was promoted to Supervisory Special Agent. He supervised a number of FBI squads, including: the Mexican drug trafficking squad, the criminal intelligence squad, the fugitive squad and the Chicago FBI Regional Firearms Training Facility.

As a supervisor, he also conducted internal affairs investigations in the Chicago Division to include allegations of misuse of government property, fraudulent statements, substance abuse, and other employee misconduct issues. In 1997, he was designated as an Assistant Inspector In-Place and in this role conducted inter-office inspections and investigated firearm discharges resulting in death or injury.

In addition to his criminal investigative responsibilities, Mr. Bellich served as an operator on the Chicago Division’s SWAT team from 1981 to 1992. In 1994 he became the SWAT Team Supervisor responsible for selecting, training, qualifying and deploying teams in highrisk and tactically complex missions. His leadership was reflected during his supervision of the special deployments of the Chicago team, including the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games, The Republican and Democratic national conventions in 1996, and Pope John Paul II’s visit to St. Louis, Missouri. Mr. Bellich also served as a firearms instructor for the Chicago Division from 1983 to 1992.

Before joining the FBI, Mr. Bellich worked for the firm of Ernst & Ernst (now Ernst & Young). He served as a senior auditor conducting and supervising both commercial and bank audits.


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