About Protek

Protek provides a unique perspective to address the many facets of technology and digital evidence, investigations, enterprise risk and litigation.

Protek was formed by Daniel Bellich, a distinguished 27 year veteran of the FBI, and Keith Chval, a nationally-recognized prosecutor and former head of the High-Tech and Computer Crime Unit of the Illinois Attorney General's Office. In addition, Protek's staff brings internationally recognized expertise in the areas of computer forensics and digital investigations.

Protek's professionals identify, collect, and analyze evidence to ensure admissibility and persuasiveness, preserving for our clients a full suite of options, from quietly stopping the activity or referred escalation to law enforcement for criminal prosecution.

Our first-hand experience responding to victims of digital wrongdoing also uniquely equips us to assist organizations seeking to minimize the liability and reputational risks of high tech "incidents."

Protek works with organizations to design and implement effective policies and procedures which serve as an early warning system for wrong-doing, and also positions clients to quickly and effectively respond when an incident occurs.

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